Larry House will be demolished Monday.

Judge Gallagher ruled today that Larry’s house will be torn down.  The City announced that the house will be torn down on Monday.  Larry has to get his stuff out of there by tomorrow.

State Rep. Zack Milkovich offered Modic a place to put his stuff.

Thank you to everyone who helped out.  We still have a long legal battle ahead.

A bike missing two wheels

bike frame

This case is a clear to me as a bicycle that is missing two wheels.

There are two city entities empowered to tear down houses: the Department of Public Health and the Building Inspection Division. Public Health enforces sanitary conditions. Building Inspection enforces structural conditions.  Thus if the sanitation or structure of a house is unsafe these City entities can order it demolished.

When Plusquellic eliminated these entities he ended the City of Akron’s power to deal with housing.

Missing two wheels, that bike is unrideable.

See you all Thursday at 2pm.  Warner.